Sunday, July 01, 2007

i need to be sexier

Online Dating

I was checking in at the Junky's Wife this morning and learned that if you follow this link, you can find out how your blog would be rated.

The only content standing between me and a G rating, apparently, were references to 'pain' and 'death'.

Apparently they didn't dig back far enough into the archives. What about 'boob'? Or this story, about exotic dancers? I guess this blog isn't very sexy. Or violent.

And why is 'pain' problematic?


joy said...

I thought it was a little heavy-handed with the ratings, myself. I'm practically porn just because I drop a few f-bombs and talk about heroin. These ratings are crap!

Anonymous said...

Goody-goody...diynotdie got an NC-17. What a pottymouth I am!