Wednesday, July 11, 2007

treated and home

And stoned.

My counts were just high enough today to go ahead.

As usual, the Demerol-Gravol cocktail made me very stoned very fast.

I think it is very amusing for anyone with me, including the oncology nurses.

I fell asleep during treatment, came home and slept for four and a half more hours.

I am still stoned, but happy that I do not need to go back until July 31st.

I will post a more substantial blog when my fingers more readily type the words my brain wants them to.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you were able to get treatment today. I hope that you'll be able to keep your schedule for the rest of the summer. And, I'm a tad jealous of your li'l cocktail, I admit. ;)

I hope you're feeling energetic when you wake up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Would it please you to know that when you are stoned and exhausted, you write better than most of us do sober and alert? I think that's quite an astonishing fact:)

Come on, tell us, does S write your blog entries for you some of the time?

B in T