Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My baby packed his bag and hit the road today.

My nine year old son, ready for a playdate and sleepover at his friend's house, packed his own overnight gear (with some prompting from me, "Toothbrush? Underwear? Stuffed animals?"), stuck his helmet on his head, hopped on his bike and rode off.

"Bye! See you tomorrow!"

He was adamant that I not accompany him.

I told him to call when he got there.

I rushed into the house and called his friend, "S. is on his way. Make sure he phones me as soon as he arrives."

Five minutes later, he did (it was only six blocks, after all).

He was fine.

I, on the other hand, am a little traumatized.


Anonymous said...

my daughter is two. I dread the day she prepares to bike to spend the night at a friends. I'll probably have the world's largest anxiety attack.

Anonymous said...

My 9 year old just left for a month to go to the cottage with her grandparents. She REFUSED to allow me to look at shat she packed. I noted she used the biggest one we owned and basically 'moved into' it with her whole room. I stuffed underwear into the side pocket before she left....I miss her.

Anonymous said...

My "baby" is 7 going on 47 - I can't imagine that day when he goes off like that - but I know it's coming. It's so bitter sweet watching them grow up -

laurie said...

I'm away from my kids right now - I couldn't wait to get away from them (they have been fighting ALOT of late) but I have missed them every day. I can't begin to think what it will be like when THEY leave me for their own adventures.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.