Tuesday, July 31, 2007

he cracks me up

D., in the bath, playing with his knight and castle bath toys (we got these in Chicago and used them to bribe him to wash his hair. Not sure how to top this; we may have to resort to offering him cash): "This knight just got killed."

Papa: "I don't like killing."

D.: "He didn't get killed. He died because he was old. And an arrow went through him."

Observation 1: At least he knows what his parents values are even if he hasn't completely absorbed them.

Observation 2: That y chromosome has a pretty strong influence. Parenthood has made me renounce long-held convictions in the nature-nuture debate.

I will start to work on my Chicago and BlogHer updates, pics and observations tomorrow, after the Demerol wears off.

Until then, you can find the first batch of photos at Flickr.
I'm nowhere near done but wanted to share. Please excuse all the pictures of the jelly bean in Millenium Park. We really liked that thing.

Actually, I really liked it but my spouse LOVED it. I had to drag him away to get food, as he protested, "I want to get more pics of the bean!"


bibliogrrl said...

Oh man. As a Chicagoan, even *I* love the Bean. I have about a zillion pictures on my flickr of it, and I live here and can go see it whenever I want. It's one of the most gorgeous things ever created.

(ps - I found you through a link from another blogger who met you at the BlogHer convention, and I'm in love with you now. Thank you for writing, being so amazing and strong, and basically just existing and being you. *g*)

laurie said...

Wow. Thank you. I am thrilled that you found me and so moved by your kind words.

jacqueline said...

"He didn't get killed..." has me laughing yet again this morning- I first read it last night and I returned to start my day with it. Oh! to witness the sweet comedy in you house.

Anonymous said...

Anish Kapoor rocks!!!!!