Tuesday, July 03, 2007

off to the spa

The month-long birthday extravaganza begins today (I am turning 40 on August 4th). I am off to the spa with my friend D. until tomorrow morning. Until then, as a last nod to Canada's birthday (I was a Centennial baby. Canada is one hundred years older than I am), I give you the Yarn Harlot and her Canadian A-Z (that would a to zed, if you don't mind).

Finally, D. started at the day care in his new school today (he starts JK in the fall). To say that he was eager and ready is an understatement. On the way over he made us practice our lines: "You say, 'Have a good day, son.'"

I think my children may watch too much television.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the spa!!! I'm properly jealous. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day Back!

Anonymous said...

That kid is as cute as they come!
Comrade L