Monday, August 19, 2013

twilight zone

Nurse (shouting from the other room): "How old is your port?"

Me: 7 years

Nurse (still hollering): Holey Moley. That's old. (pause) Are you sure?

Me: March 2006.

Nurse: When was it last accessed?

Me: 4 weeks ago, tomorrow.

Nurse: What are you getting?

Me: Herceptin.

Nurse: For 7 years? 

Me: Yes.

Nurse: No. Herceptin is for one year. 7 years is not possible.

Me: It is when you're metastatic.

Nurse: Are you on (name of drug I don't remember)?

Me: No. Herceptin.

Other nurse: It's Herceptin. I checked her chart.


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

a guest at Nancy's Point

It's somewhat fitting that while I'm on vacation, I'm a guest on someone else's blog!

"You have no control over the cards you’re dealt; but there is strategy, experience and skill that goes into playing the game.
I’m a lousy card player."
Please visit Nancy's Point, to read more and to check out this excellent blog. Nancy is incredibly generous in her support of other writers as well as being a thoughtful, interesting blogger and author of "Getting Past the Fear: a guide to help you mentally prepare for chemotherapy."

I'm also giving away a copy of my book!

Friday, August 02, 2013

all is well

Just taking some down-time for the summer.

I'm trying to live a bit more in the moment - and stopping to do things like take a photo of this lovely statue I spotted in Little Italy, on my way home from the vet.

Check out the little sheep grazing on the ball of yarn:

Regular blogging will return in September.