Friday, August 02, 2013

all is well

Just taking some down-time for the summer.

I'm trying to live a bit more in the moment - and stopping to do things like take a photo of this lovely statue I spotted in Little Italy, on my way home from the vet.

Check out the little sheep grazing on the ball of yarn:

Regular blogging will return in September.


Nancy's Point said...

It's fun to take photos of simple things that catch our attention isn't it? Just today I was trying to do the same. Trouble is, I need a new camera!

Enjoy your break. I plan to take one later this month too. We all deserve some down time. said...

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Caroline said...

That is a great piece of art!

Anonymous said...

Of all the street art installations for revitalized street in Ottawa, the set on Preston are the best by far.

Well worth a stroll on a lovely day to enjoy the street vibe and see each of the 20 or so installations - all have a granite base and a metal finial (the ball of yarn in this case) but they are unique and all celebrate aspects of life on this street.

The one that includes words back home by a new immigrant that he will be able to bring his new bride to Canada very soon makes me tear up every time.

Margaret said...

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Ila said...

This is awesome! said...

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