Friday, July 06, 2007

you overwhelm me

I am overwhelmed by all the good wishes I have received via every possible media in the last couple of days. Thank you so much for your love and support.

After the initial rush of joy at learning my good news, I admit to being numb for the next twenty-four hours or so. I couldn't quite believe that the tumours could be gone. It was also really weird to be shocked by good news for a change.

But the shock has worn off and now I am positively giddy.

And it gets better. My wonderful friends have given me the most amazing birthday present. I was presented today with a cheque that will completely cover all of my BlogHer expenses (and then some). All of them (except for air travel, which, you may recall, was covered by points from my brother-in-law).

I knew that some money was coming (a couple of people had let this slip). I knew that my friends were making it possible for me to go to Chicago.

But I am completely and utterly overwhelmed by your generosity.

I don't have the words to express my gratitude. I am even a little embarrassed.

And very, very touched.

Planning for BlogHer has been very important. The mere act of making a commitment to attend something several months ahead of time felt like a defiance of cancer. I had to plan on being healthy and fit because I had committed to this trip. The very idea got me through some difficult days and nights.

I have the best friends in the world.


deb said...

and don't forget,there's a little more coming!

Glad it is sinking in. let it sink, and sink, and skin.

as my mom said we were due for some good news but it's not without the hard work you've put in. Positive thinking, eating and exercising takes a lot of dedication and energy. You're an inspiration to all of us.

I can't wait for you to get away and bask in the new perspective!

love you.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I'm sad I won't get to blogher to see you but with any luck I'll get to see you in August. :)

Anonymous said...

They ARE wonderful...and you totally deserve it.

I love reading things like this!! Yummy friends!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I was able to go to BlogHer to meet my bloggy friends, but I hope lots of them will be able to attend The Blog World Expo in Las Vegas in November. I think you and your husband could use a nice Vegas vacation, no? :)

I hope you can post about all of your BlogHer experiences...and take lots of pictures. I'm so glad you're able to go.

Anonymous said...

i am just amazed. and moved to tears. you're SO absolutely blessed and i am SO incredibly happy you realize this and just live your life day to day, always seeking out happiness.

i'm SO pleased with your test results , because they're not just a "relief" they're BETTER than that - they're GREAT news!!!

blogher will be great for you. can't wait for pics and stories about it!

you have beat cancer a million times already... and that's what keeps me so inspired by you.

joy said...

Dang it! My computer was stolen, so I missed the good news! I am so glad your body has decided to be on the same team as your heart and mind! Yay! I'm going to take my next sip of iced coffee in your honor!


What are we going to do with all these blogs once all our problems are solved? When you're cancer free and my husband is drug free and the world is spinning on its right axis again, will our blogs perish? Dissolve into the ether?

Is there life afterwards?

I'm so happy for you!