Thursday, August 23, 2007

jumbled brain

I really had to drag my ass over to an appointment with my naturopath today. I find, in many ways, that this, the second day post-chemo, is harder than the first. I still feel queasy, exhausted and I always get so bummed out. I keep reminding myself, that, come the week end, I will feel good again.

My ND walked me through more relaxation exercises today and, once again, I was amazed at how good they made me feel. She told me that I should try and set aside fifteen minutes a day for this. I'm going to try. And to do some stretching and strengthening (which I have done exactly once since I wrote about it here).

I do feel much more positive and energetic than before I saw her. And more relaxed (although some of the good was undone when I paid her for the latest batch of supplements and remedies she's prescribed for me. The list grows longer all the time).

Speaking of exercises, I finally signed up for daily brain exercises from mind-der-mast today. They had a table at the BlogHer conference where they had cards with different little puzzles on them (they were also giving away these cute little wooden puzzles. I took one home; I can't figure it out myself, so I gave it to my nine-year old). The folks at the table told me about a study they have been working on with chemotherapy recipients. I can't find any reference to it on their web site or any way to contact them directly (though the site is really cool and worth checking out). Perhaps I will email them in response to my first exercise and see if I can find out more about the study.

I do feel like chemo is eating away at my brain. My short term memory has been shot to hell and I can no longer trust myself to remember phone numbers and appointments unless I write them down. I have had a game of online Scrabble going pretty consistently since my diagnosis.

Staying sharp is really important to me.


Anonymous said...

Glad the relaxation exercises help you, scrabble is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I have a serious Scrabble addiction...

Mom2Amara said...

I never realized until I read your post that the short term memory loss was more of a chemo side affect. My mom's short term memory is just shy of non-existent but I assumed that was because of her type of cancer (she has a GBM brain tumor).

I know I barely know you -- so I hope you don't find it awkward of me to say, but I am really proud of you for taking the steps to "stay sharp." My mother refuses to believe that the cancer has taken away parts of her and that unfortunately takes a toll on the rest of the family. The brain exercises are a wonderful idea!

laurie said...

It is a side effect; I know too many people who have experienced this. I make a point of writing things down and doing what I need to stay sharp (the same things work for dementia, apparently).
I am so sorry that your mom has cancer, too...cancer is very hard on caregivers.

Anonymous said...

I wrote my other Nintendo comment on the first post first, but now I must reiterate...get yourself a Nintendo DS Lite. It would be great for waiting rooms too. I take mine to the doctor's office.