Thursday, August 02, 2007

antidote to irritation

So it's really freaking hot outside. It's currently 34C with a humidex of 41C (that, my American friends, is 105.8F).

I am still a little green around the gills from chemo but I had to leave the house for an appointment with my naturopath (and spend another bazillion dollars I don't have on supplements). Afterwards, I decided to drop into a nearby Staples for a memory card for my Palm.

As I was cashing out, the clerk said, "Hi, how are you?"

"Good thanks," I replied as I fished my wallet out of my purse.

"I'm very good. Thanks for asking!" he said snottily.

I was floored. I looked up in shock, with what I'm sure was a pissed off (not chagrined) look on my face.

"I was just kidding," he scolded.

The little twerp.

I went back out into the heat in the most irritated of moods.

"How are you?" is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, when asked in a perfunctory way. I try only to inquire how someone is doing when I have time to listen and to respond in a thoughtful way. The above exchange did not qualify as that kind of social interaction.

And did I mention that it's really, freaking hot outside?

Then, I step off the bus and saw this:

It's one of my crazy sunflowers poking up to greet me over my battered fence.

My irritation evaporated.


jacqueline said...

oh i was getting ready to call that staples store to talk to that effin twerp and then... well that sunflower IS so darned sweet aint it. and besides- i'm in the u.s and have no idea which staples you went to.

Mom2Amara said...

Your sunflower even made me smile!

But I'm still annoyed by that cashier...I would have had the manager out in a jiffy. What an @ss.

Anonymous said...

lol.. It is too hot outside :)