Wednesday, August 29, 2007

chemo moments

Today, I distinctly remember dropping my keys in my bag as I left for my massage a few blocks away.
Except that I didn't do this. I arrived home to find that I was locked out, and, after my spouse cycled home to let me in, found my keys on the dining room table.

While I was out, I dropped into a neighbourhood health food store to buy the soy nut butter we like. They were out, so I bought some sunflower butter instead. I distinctly remember reading the label to see if the product contained traces of nuts and chose the organic kind because it did not have this warning.
Except that it did. When I showed it to T., he pointed out the warning, written in large, bold letters.

Scrabble, anyone? I think your odds of beating my ass are fairly good today.


jacqueline said...

i'm in for a game of scrabble!!! might be the only way i'd win. but on the other hand- you'd probably still walk away the winner. that thai place sounds yummy. i hope this finds you feeling up to a walk... :)

Anonymous said...

Sunflower butter...wouldn't that be made from sunflower seeds?

I'll take you on though, it would be a totally fair game. Last week, I drove up to the mailbox, got out of the car, got the mail, drove down the street, and then drove into the garage. Luckily, this was on the way home, because I had to pull back out and drive back to the mailbox because I left my keys just hanging there, in the lock, with the door open.

Earlier this month, I had a notice from the DMV to get my driver's license renewed. I put it somewhere very safe, I guess. I've never found it, even though I've gone through every stack of paper possible.

I got a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday, and we bought games that are supposed to help our brains. (Big Brain Academy & Brain Age) I haven't lost anything since I got the games...that's something, I guess. I honestly love the little sucker. Sadly, my favorite games aren't the brainy ones, but at least two of them are puzzle-y; Planet Puzzle League & Bust-A-Move...and Mario Kart. Maybe you should get one. They also have a browser you can buy to use for wi-fi connections. It has handwriting and voice recognition. All for $130...and you can buy cheap used games, which are just as good as new ones. We have about 15 games that cost us maybe $100 - I bought a couple brand new ones w/ b-day ca$h. And, if we got rid of the ones we've decided we don't like as much...less than $50 for the games.

Someday, I'm gonna have a real brain again. :) You'll have one in a day or so.

Anonymous said...

We do have those days!! Hope today is btter for you!!

joy said...

Sounds a little like you're beating yourself up...and I say STOP IT NOW!

I'd love a game of Scrabble. We should all figure out how to play online.

laurie said...

I play at the Pixie Pit: Subscriptions cost $10(US) a year. I also play through Facebook's Scrabulous application. Let me know if you join either and I would be happy to play.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Your grace and fortitude strengthens me. I appreciated your response at Blogher about E. Edwards and all that drama. Go ahead girl do your thing. And I know you would kick my Black Ass at Scrable on your worst day...YIKES!

Anonymous Me said...

So who's allergic to nuts? My 4-yr-old is.

laurie said...

My four year old is allergic to peanuts, nuts and sesame.