Sunday, August 12, 2007

home sweet home (a pictorial blogging cop out)

A stay at my spouse's familial cottage was a great way to cap off the month long birthday extravaganza.

This is what awaited me upon my arrival August 4th:

My nieces (and young nephew) made this, along with my older son, who it turns out had not forgotten his mother during his sojourn at his cousins' house. There was also cake (that he had made with considerable assistance from my brilliant and patient sister-in-law). And presents (including dog lovers' fridge poetry and charms for my crocs from S., who I am told had been very focused on finding the perfect gift for his mother. He succeeded.).

It didn't take us very long to unwind and get in cottage mode. S. loves it up there (even if he refuses to smile for photos).

Does this not look like a man on vacation?

This was actually taken in Algonquin Park, on our way home. We were too relaxed to remember to take photos when we were still at the cottage.

This was taken in a rare vacation moment when D. was fully clothed (my youngest is a bit of an exhibitionist. I think my nieces saw much more naked boy than they cared to while we were there).

We had a very good week. The cottage is a wonderous place, able to accommodate large numbers of people without ever seeming crowded.

Now, we are home (having barely survived the long drive, yesterday), my pants are a little tighter and the house looks like a tornado blew through.

I am off to bed, though. The mess will still be here tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

love the pictures :) and i wish i could have gone. SIGH. billy (my boyfriend) has a cabin and hopefully we're going soon! we usually forgive to take pictures, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!! :)