Friday, May 22, 2015

twilight zone

Week two was harder than week one. This is partly because I am more impatient and partly that I think this is what happens at week two. It's two steps forward, one step back.

I had my staples out on Tuesday. And then slept for hours.

I'm walking a little further every day.

I still have trouble concentrating and haven't read anything. I have a writing contest to enter for the first time and I am not sure I can do it.

I watched Baby Mama this week, finished Brooklyn NineNine and Midsomer Murders.

My head hurts. Apparently it's quite swollen. I'm also told there are sutures inside my head, which is kind of weird.

Last week I had the CT scan for Cyber Knife radiation. I made them double check that they could do it and make the mask, despite the fact that I still had my staples. They told me it was not a problem. Today I got a phone call - cyber knife is re-scheduled and I have to go in next week for another CT scan because they can't use the one with the staples.

I am in the twilight zone.


Anonymous said...

I don't have anything great to say, and I wish I did. So, instead I'll leave you with a Twilight Zone quote from 1964.
"At any rate, imagine a time in the future where science has developed a means of giving everyone the face and body he dreams of. It may not happen tomorrow, but it happens now in the Twilight Zone."


Chris said...

Imma get you more flower pictures for your feed.

Lene Andersen said...

I wish they'd just do what you said...