Monday, June 08, 2015

others' eloquent voices

I was actually doing much better between when I blogged last time and when I went in for CyberKnife radiation last Thursday. I was walking and eating (and had even been out for dinner once and gone to book club). I was still needing to rest a lot but I could see the improvement in every day. And that was heartening.

CyberKnife was a major setback. I remember that it was last time, too (so much so that I never really wrote about it - just wanted to move on). That's just how it goes for me, I guess. I had brain swelling, headache, nausea, loss of balance, fatigue (yet little sleep) and a very odd taste in my mouth.I still do. But the light is at the end of the tunnel (I think it took a week last time and it was been 4 days) and I will soon be able to concentrate - and to live again. I know it.

Meanwhile, yesterday was "National Cancer Survivor's Day" in the US (and supposedly around the world, including in Canada). I missed it but lots of people with mets and who post about mets did. Here are three good ones. These are particularly eloquent. Something to think about.

National Cancer Survivors Day® & Why I’m Just Not that Into It (by Nancy Stordahl at Nancy's Point) 

Not a Survivor (by the Cancer Curmudgoen at The Cult of Perfect Motherhood)

The Trouble with "Survivor" and the Lack of Boundaries (by Susanne at Metathriving: the blog) 


Unknown said...

Thank you for updating us... I'm so sorry for your setback, but very glad to read that you know you will soon live again. Always thinking about you, much love...

Nancy's Point said...

Hi Laurie,
You've been through a lot (I apologize for the understatement), so it stands to reason it takes time to even begin to feel like your old self. Be extra kind, patient and gentle with yourself. Thank you for the update and thank you for the link to my post. I'm glad another NCSD is behind us. I am so not into it. Rest and heal well. xo

Lene Andersen said...

Your poor brain and body has been through a lot in the last month. No wonder it's having a hissyfit. Hang in there, my friend.

That change in the description to how post-cancer life can be "inspiring" (in Nancy's post) bothered me. Inspiring? To whom?? it smacks of what we in the disability community call Inspiration Porn. Using a person or group of people to make others (healthy/ablebodied) feel good about themselves. Gross.

laurie said...

Comments from the people who really get this stuff always mean a lot to me. xo

Unknown said...

Be strenthened. Quite a tough time indeed, may you find hope and courage to continue. It shall be well. Newton @Kenyatta University School of medicine