Sunday, June 28, 2015

update on the fly

I am finally feeling like myself again. I realized that today, in fact, despite the fact that I have a cold, gifted to me by my children.

Since I last wrote, I had a wonderful week in Florida. I then attended my son's Grade 6 "leaving ceremony" and had treatment.

Today was spent attempting to get ready for a little family vacation. There is so much catching up to do that it seems a little silly to be going away but it will be good for us.

The neurosurgeon says all is well. No heavy lifting or dyeing my hair for three months. My head still hurts enough to need Tylenol a couple of times a day. I have an MRI at the end of August.

I rode my bike to an appointment this week. It was just four minutes away but I forgot my lock so I had to come and go twice. It felt really good.

This week will involve some long walks. Maybe I'll even start running again. 

I need to talk to my oncologist about what might come next. I need to stop worrying about what might come next.

I need to enjoy the normal.


Lene Andersen said...

I love that there's normal!

Caroline said...

If all is well, take a while to enjoy it. I sometimes take cancer/health issue free vacations. I will disconnect as much as I can, tell any doctors office that I am unavailable for a bit and shift appointments around so I don't have to go to any doctor appointments or tests for a couple weeks or a month. A lot of the emotional stress with cancer is going to another appointment or test all the time. Can you take off the month of July, relax and enjoy yourself? And August too? Hugs to you.