Monday, November 13, 2006

NaBloPoMo cop out (Hallowe'en pictures)

Finally, due to popular demand (OK, only one person asked for them) and as a way of meeting my NaBloPoMo commitment, are the photos I promised from Hallowe'en.

This is my younger son, D. Last year, I bought him a truly beautiful bee costume, complete with a cute little stinger and a gorgeous pair of wings. When I showed it to him, he ran screaming from the room in terror. He went out in a ratty Spiderman costume that my spouse bought at Value Village.

This year I got smart and took him to the second hand store myself. There were racks and racks of beautiful costumes and this is what he chose. A Power Ranger. It cost me $2.95 (A note to my friend S.: I think this disproves once and for all that D. was upset last year because I didn't make his costume).

S. is Wolverine again, in a more seasonally appropriate costume:

Check out the facial hair. This costume broke my heart. I kept seeing some serious flashes of the man he will become.

The 'scars' were added in the evening. This despite the fact that Wolverine has the power to heal. So much for authenticity.

My nieces (and their Dad). The littlest would not permit me to photograph her with the cat-head on. A shame, it was too, too cute.

What I said above about my oldest son applies equally to my niece, Z. She was a fine Fortune Teller.

And they're off!

My sister-in-law really gets into Hallowe'en.

Dividing the spoils. A time-honoured tradition. It was a lot of fun to watch them do this.

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