Friday, November 10, 2006

important things

1-Some things are easy.

The phone rang this morning. The caller ID showed the school's number. I grabbed it. And went on to have the following conversation:

My oldest son, S., age 8: (Tearful) You forgot the refreshments for the party! (They were having a class party as a reward for good behaviour).

Me: I can bring you the Cheesies (lest you judge me, last time there was a party, we sent home made granola bars. All but one - eaten by the teacher - came home again).

S.: OK. You can bring my agenda, too.

Me: OK...

S.: And my POW (it means "Problem of the Week, a weekly homework assignment that had been completed on Monday). It's the only thing I haven't handed in.

Me: Is there anything else you might need?

S.: Let's see. You could bring in a CD of dance music.

Me: (Silence)

S.: Wait a second. Are you being sarcastic?

Me: I am being sarcastic. But I'll bring you a CD.

And I did.

2- Being injected with radioactive isotopes is scariest the third time around.

I had my heart scanned today. The last time, I barely thought about the test. I was much more focused on where to go for dinner.

Today, I was nervous.

I want my heart to have recovered.

I want to start Herceptin (mostly because I want to finish Herceptin - I'll be taking it for a year).

I also want to know for sure that I am among the ninety-eight per cent of chemo patients whose hearts are not permanently damaged by chemotherapy.

I'll have the results on November 22.

3- Some friendships are built to last.

My friend dd had a birthday today.

I didn't get to see her.

But I thought of her all day.

She's been my friend through ups and downs in both our lives. And she's one of the few people with whom I am comfortable letting my guard down completely.

I hope she realizes how much I love her.

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