Thursday, November 16, 2006


Want to know a secret?

OK, so I know that I'm telling this to hundreds of people I don't know (and quite a few that I do). Sometimes telling the blogosphere some things seems easier than telling my closest friends.

When I started this blog, I did not anticipate how important the writing it would be to enduring, processing and celebrating my progress through treatment and beyond. I had even less of a sense of what powerful connections it would help me strengthen and create with the people, near and far, who were so central to my survival.

And now, I will turn it into a book (well some of it, at least. One of the tasks ahead of me is to separate the wheat from the considerable chaff) or, more accurately,
a 'blook' (a book based on a blog). I still have a hard time believing that anyone would want to read what I have written through the course of the last year, much less publish a book about it.

But I just signed a contract (complete with a 'witness') that commits me to writing and a publisher to publishing.


The deadline for the manuscript ('deadline for the manuscript'?! How cool is that?) is not until the fall of 2007. The publisher wants me to continue to blog about my physical recovery, return to work, emotional fallout and other relevant musings (I will, of course, continue to write lots of irrelevant musings. I can't help myself).

And do please continue to let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

That is the BEST kind of secret! I look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

: ) wonderful news Laurie, Bravo.


Anonymous said...


Yay! That's great news!

Anonymous said...

wow. now that's a book I want to buy!!!


amanda said...

Congratulations, dear. You really deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'll be looking forward to the publishing of your BOOK!

Jessi said...

That's incredible. How did you manage to even get in touch with such an idea?

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Hope I'm in it :)

Melanie J Watts said...

Congratuations . I'm envious

Cynthia Samuels said...

From what I've read, the book will be a beautiful and wonderful gift. We bloggers have a great leg-up on book writing because at least we have some raw material to work from. There's a story about Thomas Wolfe showing up at his editor's home with a bunch of pages in a suitcase. It was the editor who, Maxwell Perkins, who made it a book. In your case though I doubt you'll need him! Lovely writing. Oh, and I think I'm in love with your son (just read the Phila trip story)