Friday, November 17, 2006

book fun

One of the blogs I check out most days is SassyMonkey Reads. I really enjoy her writing and have added many of her recommendations to my already too-long list.

A week or so ago, Sassy answered a meme question on how she manages the list of books she wants to read:

On the computer. It started off as a Word list. And then once it got to about 6 pages I turned it into an Excel sheet. Then I started with the whole colour coding thing…. me = geek!

This totally speaks to me.

I wonder if Sassy knows about Library Thing? My spouse turned me onto it last night. It's a website that lets you keep track of your books, manage your lists and connect with others with similar tastes.

My spouse has actually started to log his books. I don't think I'll be doing this, at least for a while (too bogged down with NaBloPoMo and mastering my new cell, phone, PDA and wireless keyboard).

I did, however, spend way too much time last night playing with the Book Suggester. I particularly enjoy the UnSuggester. Just enter the name of a book you like and it will generate a list of books that you probably won't like. The results were interesting, if not always accurate. Apparently enjoying Steinbeck and reading knitting books are mutually exclusive. I had no idea.


Jessi said...

Omg, that LibraryThing is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I haven't played with LibraryThing yet. I'm frightened of it. My TBR read list is already frighteningly long and I can't seem to stop adding things too it.

*closes her eyes, sticks her fingers in her ears and runs away*