Thursday, January 17, 2013

update: looking up

The pity party is over. I'm feeling much better now.

My energy levels have started to come back and my walks are getting longer and faster.

I had a wonderful week in Florida that contributed greatly to healing. I even swam a bit while I was there. I can do the sidestroke and the crawl but my neck won't yet let me do the breast stroke.

I did a bunch of balance tests today that I passed with flying colours. My balance wasn't really that bad but the tests I found challenging (pretty much the same as a sobriety test) two months ago were really easy to do today. I hope that translates into less falling down.

I still have pain in the back of my head. It's not near the incision, which is long and itchy but healing well. This feels more like a giant bruise on the top and back of my head. I can't bear for anyone to touch me there, sometimes it throbs and when I overdo it, my head feels like it's in a vise. It turns out that this is not unusual and healing will take three to six months. Just knowing that it's no big deal (and not a sign that my brain is swelling) is very reassuring. Apparently surgery damaged my muscles and all the extra blood and air beneath the surface need to go away. Or something like that. I was given a more scientific explanation but that's what I retained.

Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, I will undergo three CyberKnife sessions (either 'one dose in three treatments' or 'one treatment in three doses.' I can't remember. I had a terrible appointment with my radiation oncologist to lay out the plan but I'll save that for later. I really don't feel like making my blood boil so close to bed time). I still don't much like my radiation oncologist but I hear he's really good at the zapping part, which is what's important.

I also have a CT scan tomorrow of my abdomen and thorax.

I'll have an MRI in two months and then every three to six months thereafter.

I have a serious crush on my surgeon. I think Tim might too. After Dr. S. left our appointment today, we both gushed, "He's so good!"

I feel like I'm crazy busy, which is why I haven't been writing.  I guess when you do nothing for weeks at a time, you end up paying the price. I need to be careful not to overdo it, though (see above, re the vise).

And how have you all been for the last eight weeks?


Kiki said...

Glad to hear you are feeling more positive. Is Dr Depardieu the one you (both) have a crush on or the one you hate?

laurie said...

Shrugging Doc Depardieu is my bad books. Dr. Sinclair, the surgeon, is my new boyfriend. Check out his ratings on People gush:

Lea Ann said...

You are a rock star, Laurie!! So nice to see you writing again! By the way, I think you have been busy! You did just brain surgery and kick its butt too!

sassymonkey said...

I am so glad you are feeling better!

Gemma said...

I know it's a rollercoaster and every day matters, so I am very happy for you that today (or well, Thursday) you are feeling better! Virtual hugs!