Tuesday, January 29, 2013

good links to follow

Happy Tuesday. We have freezing rain and the buses aren't cancelled, yet there have been days when rumoured snowstorms have brought on cancellations. I don't get it.

In other news, I've been wide awake since 4:55am, mind racing, so I'm a bit punchy.

Here are some good links:

Would you like a free download of the National Film Board documentary, Pink Ribbons Inc.? All you have to do is complete a short (3 min.) questionnaire. After you download and watch the film, you're asked to fill out another short (5 min.) questionnaire. Support the NFB by telling them what you think and watch a great movie for free!

Healthline, a health related website is running a contest for best Health Blog. First prize is $1000 and Breast Cancer? But Doctor...I Hate Pink! is currently in the top spot. The author has metastatic breast cancer in it's later stages and plans to use the money towards a college fund for her son. She also writes a great, raw, honest, smart and hopeful blog - despite acknowledging the fact that she's dying. Will you take a moment and vote for her? You can vote once a day until February 15th.

A new episode of the Frivolity podcast is up, in which I talk about making stuff and silencing my inner critic. It's is available in audio only and less than 10 minutes long. How do you deal with you inner critic?

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