Thursday, November 01, 2012

embracing Frivolity (a new project)

I'm so happy to announce the birth of the Frivolity project! You can find us over at 

Here's an excerpt of my perspective on  "Why Frivolity?"
A couple of years ago someone wrote a review of my book that really pissed me off. The reviewer took me to task for seeking and finding pleasure in things irrelevant and frivolous (I’m shamelessly paraphrasing here). I threw the review across the room, where it sat for several weeks (Those of you who know me will will understand that this is literally true. Housekeeping is not one of my strengths). 
Then I got to thinking about why it’s actually OK to be caught seeking fun and happiness. We all have lists of things we’d like to do “some day”. We write them down in notebooks, scribble them on napkins (or is that only in the movies?) or keep them locked away inside our brains. That’s certainly what I did – until I was faced with a life threatening illness and was suddenly very motivated to make “some day” happen “right now.” 
From spending the day at the art gallery to writing a draft of a novel to getting my first tattoo, I began to ask myself “Why not now?” 
This new blog and podcast are all about finding ways that Andrea (my co-conspirator) and I, and any of you who want to play along, can embrace the frivolous, take risks and have fun. In my opinion, the world could use a little more frivolity.

Come listen, watch, look, read and share. Send us your ideas, responses, images and stories. Join us in our Frivolity!


Facing Cancer Together said...

If it weren’t for the happy & frivolous moments I’d totally lose my mind. Good on you for writing about those experiences, and I look forward to following along at your new & frivolous blog! ~Catherine

Beth Gainer said...


There is nothing wrong with frivolity. In fact, I do embrace it, too. One can't be serious all the time. It turns out that the frivolous things in life are those that make life worthwhile. I also enjoy art galleries and oil painting. It's necessary to my physical and mental well-being.

Elizabeth McClung said...

When 'now' is all there is, what does it matter that life is not spent pondering philosophy and instead blowing bubbles.

I have yet to know someone who said, "I spent too much time petting rabbits and not enough time studying tax codes."

I am still saving for my tattoo.

laurie said...

Thanks to all three of you. I know you get this stuff. Too bad we've all had to learn it the hard way!