Monday, October 29, 2012

sometimes you confront it

photo: Andrea Ross

A few years ago I wrote a list that I turned into a blog post called "whiskers on kittens." This is the opposite of that post, because sometimes you need to deal with fear head on:


Getting old. (I'm aware of the irony of this.)


Being a terrible writer and not realizing it. (I had a dream last night that a former boss morphed into my father and he/they said, "You don't write. You just throw words on paper.")


Being irrelevant.

Going blind.

Fears too big to name. (They involve loved ones and I'm just not going there.)

Being at a cocktail party with nothing to say.

Being forgotten.


photo: Mark Blevis


zoom said...

Yay! Birds are some of my favourite people; they're much friendlier than death and dementia.

laurie said...

SNORT. It was an easier fear to confront, for sure.

Andrea Ross said...

You hid it masterfully, Laurie. I didn't have a clue that this was a bold step.

Just another example of how we never ever know what's going on beneath the surface.
No matter how well we think we know someone.
How many of their blog-, facebook-, twitter-posts we read.
How many hours we share stories over tea.

ps. If you had shared your fear beforehand, we could have had another episode....

laurie said...

I was already partly over the fear. Friends have a budgie that I fed and touched. He was tiny though! And yes, I need to learn to see Frivolity everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Snowy prefers the elegant "parakeet" to the pedestrian sounding "budgie." (S)he says hello and that it was nice to meet you too. Will sing the house alarm tune for you this week - you know the one that goes Beep-beep-beep-beep

Anonymous said...

Hi, Laurie: it's my first visit to your blog. Thanks for enriching us with your honesty and cheerfulness. Hope the appointment Thursday goes well; it's All Saints day, maybe they will say a prayer for you. (I read your blog subsequent to harrassing you with all those emails this evening!) P.S. might be a typo in 4th-last line (missing a preposition??)

laurie said...

Thanks! And that's the second typo someone has caught. My proofreader is falling down on the job!