Tuesday, November 06, 2007

i am spectacular

The results are in:

My liver functions are normal. The condition of my liver has improved. There is no evidence at all of metastasis (no sign that I have cancer at all, in fact).

Why am I so surprised by this? I have had a dull ache (sometimes a sharper pain) in the area of my liver for the last couple of weeks. It's exactly where the stitch started last year, the stitch that led to the discovery that my cancer had spread. I have had moments of pure unadulterated terror, when I have thought of what it could mean.

It turns out that the pain, which I had been hoping was in my head (but knew in my heart to be real) is due to scarring. You know how scar tissue is so tight and inflexible? The scars on my liver are causing it to retract, making it sensitive.

My oncologist seemed even happier than he did back in July when I first discovered my tumours had disappeared. "It's all gone!" he crowed.

I was relieved and over-joyed but felt the need to reassure him that I was also being 'realistic' about my prognosis (the longer we can maintain the status quo the better but I do know that one day, this treatment will stop working).

But he surprised me.

He said, "Well, realistic....For some women the results of combining Herceptin and vinorelbine have been spectacular."


And then he added, "I think you might continue this way for a long, long time."

He concluded by telling my friend T. to take me out for a drink (which she did).

"Go celebrate."

I did have a glass of wine. Now I am going to put my four year old to bed and then collapse out of sheer exhaustion and relief.

And tomorrow? I am going to go back to being spectacular.

I think the November curse may have been broken.


Anonymous said...

SPECTACULAR!!!! I've been down this path with my mom and breast cancer - you go being SPECTACULAR, girl!!!! Such wonderful news!

bibliogrrl said...

Oh that is WONDERFUL WONDERFUL! This just made me happy. I needed something to be happy about, and this helps. Enjoy your evening, and tomorrow... well, and ALL of them.


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I already knew! You GO GIRL! Yes I did toast you--the whole bottle because I knew what the outcome would be. I knew! I KNEW all would be WELL! Now get some rest and party like a rock star later!

deb said...

you bet you're spectacular! in every freakin' way!!! congrats on the news. let's celebrate soon.

Anonymous said...

MAZELTOV. No one deserves this more than you.

May the goodness go on and on and on. :)

Jordanovich said...

Fantastic, just fantastic! Revel in it....xo

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS...DEFINITELY cause for celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacqueline said...

good gawd all mighty!!!
i will go off to bed with a bigass smile thanks to this news.

now, spectacular sweet dreamin' dreams to you lady dear!

Anonymous said...

That is TERRIFIC news!!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more happy for you, Laurie. This is wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

hey there L

You are SO spectacular. And you have amazing news. There is nothing quite like that news. OMG. I am so very happy for you.

Keep on celebrating. Keep on writing.

Big Grrls Do Cry

Anonymous said...

Wahoo on the great news!!! That is soo exciting! I hate a scar tissue!! AM sorry you still have to deal with it:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you always been spectacular? I think he should have come up with another adjective that more accurately describes you. Spectacular is inadequate. Spectabulous, splendectaculous. Amazingerifficly incrediculous.

I'll keep trying. Meanwhile celebrate.

Jeanne said...

Laurie--this is such great news! Spectacular, indeed. Wanted to tell you, also, that I quoted you in a story I just finished for a magazine called Seattle Metropolitan, all about my search for a Canadian husband and all the debate that stirred up. I'll be sure to get you a copy when it comes out in January.

The Assertive Cancer Patient

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Spectacular! splendid! Fabulous! So happy for you.

Mom2Amara said...

Laurie, you ARE spectacular! Phenomenal! And one kick ass woman! Congratulations on the great news!

Het said...

Holy SPECTACULAR Batman! I am so happy for you. Yeah for women kicking butt!

blurdom said...

have a glass of wine for me, too! I'm so happy for you!

platespinner said...

you ARE spectacular. congratulations--this is the best news! i'm so happy for you and your family.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I am behind in my blog reading -- just catching up -- and wanted to say: YAY!