Friday, November 02, 2007

where do you draw the line?

Yesterday I was asked by someone not to write about something on my blog.

Even though I don't share this person's concerns, I decided to respect their wishes. It actually wasn't a hard decision to make, as it was only the second time this has been asked of me and I really don't want my writing to hurt or embarrass the people I love.

Writing this blog has changed the way that I view the world, in that I am constantly experiencing events as potential blog fodder. There are very few topics (if any) that I would consider to be off limits in and of themselves but, as I do not blog anonymously, I don't feel I can write at the expense of those to whom I am closest.

What about you? If you are blogger, where do you draw the line?


Chris said...

I don't blog about anything that would get me disciplined or fired (unless I welcome said action).

I don't blog about anything that would similarly mess me up in other ways; my massive gambling habit, axe-murdering tendencies, the horrendous house sitting on top of a toxic sinkhole that I'm trying to sell, for examples.

Otherwise I keep to your rules.

Flippy said...

I don't write about anything I don't want my parents to know. That's the major one. But, I have a Vox blog for the occasional need to vent without parental eyes judging and being disappointed.

I don't write about my relationship with my partner, except about the stuff we do together. However, I'm not sure that's out of respecting any sort of privacy, as we spend 24/7 together without any sort of drama.

I guess mostly I don't write about something if it'll affect any family/friendship/work situations permanently. I've used my Vox blog to vent a few times about those things, but mostly I use a private message board that I share with a bunch of friends. Otherwise, I don't have anything that's off-limits. I've never had anyone ask me not to write about anything. Of course, now that you've told us that someone didn't want you to write about something...I'm dying to know what it is.

Lovebabz said...

Hey all is fair in love and war. I talk about whatever I want. I don't use proper names. I will use a combination of initials or nicknames. at the end of the day my blog is about me. It is not my intent to hurt anybody, or piss anyone off, however I am always on my side first. There is no line to draw.

Yep, I am home and feeling pretty damn good. Thanks for supporting my Sister Lo. She really enjoyed holding it down for me.

Blondie said...

I write anonymously, but it wouldn't be that hard to figure out who I am in this world we live in. Basically, I don't write anything that I wouldn't want the CEO of my company to read.

But about friends? I usually ask if I can write about something personal first. All of my coworkers read my blog and they usually say, "you have to blog this." I have some things I can't blog about because I know certain friends wouldn't want me to out them to the world. But if I really NEED to write about something, I can usually disguise it. Use a fake name or change the circumstances just enough so that the core message is still there, but the rest is false. I find that it's easier to "let something go" if I blog about it. Just fictionalize it a bit. No one will know but you. :)

Special K said...

I don't write anything about anyone that I love that, if read, would hurt them. That would kill me. I am pretty free flowing, that is what my blog is to me, therapeutic so I would hate to be censored.
But I can see drawing the line in some cases.