Tuesday, October 16, 2007

on colds, clicks and chemo

I have great kids and we have been having a lovely time together during my stint as a single parent.

We all have colds. Young D. is back at school but older S. has been off for the last two days.

My spouse is in Paris (with a head cold and coming home tomorrow, I hope his sinuses are OK on the trip), thanks to his dad.

I have chemo today, if they don't veto it because of my cold.

My mom-in-law is here in the land of snot to help with the kids when I go down for the count. What are the odds of her staying healthy?

Finally, if you have a minute, please click on the link in my side bar to take a survey. It's for BlogHer Ads so they can find out more about demographics, to help with ad placement (and so they can sell ads to a broader range of advertisers).

And, if you feel like it, you can click on whatever other ad is there too (the more clicks the better!).

I made a whopping $25.41 in September. But the way I see it, it's found money (five lattes, one pizza dinner, a trip to the movies or four packs of cold medicine). I have been happy with the kinds of ads that have run on my blog. And readership is up, so that's cool too.

I did mention the fact that Canadians have not been eligible for any of the giveaways so far. I am told that, as markets expand, BlogHer Ads hopes to recruit more Canadian advertisers.

Going to go blow my nose now.


deb said...

you can add me to the list of the victims to your cold. But I would have risked even more to spend time with you and the boys on Sat.

Anonymous said...

Colds aside, how wonderful to have this time alone with the boys and to enjoy one another and realize how precious these interactions are. Most folks, I'd venture to say, are not tuned in to the wonder of these years with children, for all the reasons we well know and understand.

I'm very happy you and they had a good time and a vacation from the ordinary domestic arrangement!


B in T

Anonymous said...

Hey laurie,
sometimes you just have to give into snot. It really does win once in a while. And about that "worst mommy letting sick kids watch TV all day" stuff - forget it. Colds are for pampering and there is nothing a sick kid would rather do.
Look after yourself and your lovely bunch'o kids - Here's a big hug from Toronto!

debutaunt said...

clicked!! Survey answered.

I dread cold/flu season. Last year the kiddo bronchitis put me in the hospital for 5 days. Yay... $40,000!

My best cure for snot was the saline flush that I got with my port. I would shower and shoot those dang syringes up my nose and blow it out. Most. Disgusting. But it really works!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Hope you all get over those colds soon!

I used to ignore the ads, but now that I have a blog (with ads) and know that my clicks make bloggers money, I do try to pay attention to them, read them, and click when I feel inspired to.

cmkl said...

Some day we'll even cease to regard colds as a disease. A steady stream of snot on the upper lip will seem as normal on the anchor of the six o'clock news as it seems today at my daughter's day care.