Wednesday, October 03, 2007

beyond the breast, part 2

In the comments on yesterday's post, Sara from Moving Right Along suggested two more blogs.


As the Tumour Turns

The writing styles are quite different but both blogs are exquisitely written, thought-provoking, moving and amusing. I am a fan.

I think I might make this an October-long series. Any more suggestions?


blurdom said...

Oh,definitely Big Grrls DO Cry
I love the way she comes at the whole experience, very raw & very honest.

Great thing you're doing! :-)

laurie said...

I have Big Grrls DO Cry in my blogroll. And she's a bc blogger...which is great, of course, but I am trying to go 'beyond the breast'...

jana said...

I am totally flattered to be on a list with lymphopo's blog (As the Tumor Turns). I think I am her biggest fan--her blog is so funny, earthy and real!