Tuesday, April 10, 2007

more than the sum of my parts

A liver riddled with tumours.

A scar where my right breast used to be.

Lymphedema in my back and arm.

Frozen shoulder from radiation.

Radiation burns on my chest and back.

Assorted minor but annoying side effects from chemotherapy.

Fifteen pounds gained in 2007.

Panic every time I feel a stitch in my right side.

I think it is time I talk to someone who specializes in treating the whole person.

Anyone have any advice on finding a naturopathic doctor? What about some questions to ask when I schedule a consultation?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really good idea because of exactly what you itemize vs. the care and guidance of the whole you that is needed.

In my humble opinion wholistic practitioners and naturopaths vary a whole lot in their orientations, knowledge and communication, at least as much as M.D.s Depending on personal experiences of those you trust would be the way I'd go. You have so many contacts, I'm sure you'll find a terrific practitioner.

By the way, any chocolate left over?

Bubbie in Toronto

laurie said...

My chocolate is all gone, as of today. The kids still have some left, though...

Anonymous said...

The best Naturopathic clinic that I know of in the Ottawa area is in Carp: http://www.ecowellness.com/clinic.html.

If you can get to see Katherine Willow, as far as I know, she is one of the best at treating the whole person. It's a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Also an absolutely setting!

I have some chocolate left - but my body is begging me not to eat any more. I only have one pair of jeans that fit right now :)

I hope this works out for you

Anonymous said...

If you find a good Naturopath ask them about acupuncture as a treatment too. There is an Acupuncturist here in London, who treats people with many forms of cancer and also infertility issues.

Anonymous said...

I agree about trying acupuncture, but check with your physio if that's a bad idea for lymphedema...it might be better to have acupressure instead.

Here's to feeling better!