Tuesday, April 24, 2007

whiskers on kittens

I came up with this list this morning:

runners' legs

dog snoring

my coffee mug

the smell of lilacs


dark chocolate dipped in coffee

soft, beautiful yarn made from natural fibers

greg brown's voice

the back of my sons' necks

What would be on your list?


Anonymous said...

My husbands face when he's sleeping.
The joker scar on my daughters cheek that the cat gave her when she was 3 (18 years ago).
The cat (same cat) lying in the sun.
My sons freckles.
The setting sun on the trees in the backyard.
The smell of my fathers aftershave.
My mothers soft brown eyes.
The smell of good coffee and fresh baked biscotti.
I could go on forever!
Thanks for waking my brain:)

Anonymous said...

The scattering sun rays just before it rises above the evergreens on the hill above my home. >The touch of my honey when he takes my hand in his. >Cinnamon bagel w/creamcheese and coffee on my porch in the early morning. >The flowers just waking up and budding from winter's sleep. >The chirpping of the little birdies as they flutter in the sky and are nesting. >The sound of my little grandchildren playing and interacting with each other. >The sound of my son's voice when he calls from far away airports on business trips just to say hi. >Valued "girly talk" with my daughter as we sit at Starbucks with java and a scone. >A hearty belly laugh with a treasured friend.
Lots more...no time or space.
Blessings to you,
Comrade L

Anonymous said...

Kittens when they jump straight up in the air when they're playing.

The smell of coffee.

The smell of Leigh-Ann's perfume, whichever one it is at the time.

Leigh-Ann's voice on the telephone. It's like it takes me back to when we were dating long-distance and spent a lot of time on the phone.

Cricket's stretching in the morning when she drags her legs behind her on the floor. We call it Navy Sealing.

Sunsets in Hawaii.

The smell of marijuana - the taste is gross.

A happy blog entry...by just about anyone.

Dinner out with the family.

My nephews actively trying to fighting homophobia by speaking out on their MySpace pages.

I could go on forever...

Anonymous said...

Snuggling with my girls.
Smelling their hair.
Running my fingers through their curls.
Seeing their smiles.
Watching Brianna dance.
The look on Danielle's face when she bats a ball.
Seeing Danielle Run.
Drinking a really good single malt scotch.
Watching my magnolia tree bloom.
The smell of cookies baking.
Talking to that special friend.
Falling asleep with my beautiful kids in my arms.
My mom's warm smile.


Anonymous said...

Hey - it's all very pretty but where is shopping?????
PS: oh yeah and food from your home country, flirting with someone else's dog (it happens), realizing you drive a CLV (career limiting vehicle) and you are old enough to not give a s***, your kid assigning family roles to each of the purple crocus in the front yard, the miracle of popcorn from the microwave, inventing alternative uses for the organic goat cheese you won and that resembles a hockey puck, crazy thunderstorms and hot chocolate (no marshmallows- that's uncivilized)AND getting inspired by reading favourite blogs