Thursday, June 29, 2006

Emma Goldman Kingston (aka Golden Breeze Lady Emma Delight), b. July 17, 1992, d. June 29, 2006.

I am grieving an old and dear friend today.

By L. (age 38) and S. (age 8):

We miss Emma because:

1. She loved kids and always protected them, even when they didn't need protecting.

2. She was so affectionate with us.

3. She thought her name was "Beautiful Dog."

4. She enjoyed a good tummy rub.

5. She was the most stubborn dog we've ever met. From the time she was a round little puppy carrying tree branches, she did things her way.

6. She lived until she was almost fourteen and still loved us.

7. She once ate a dozen chinese buns and was so full she could barely stand up.

8. There will never be another dog to replace Emma.


Anonymous said...

Laurie, I am so sorry to hear this. Emma is one of the greatest dogs I have ever known.

Anonymous said...

My condolences. On occasions like this I usually quote Bruce Cockburn:
"Make me a bed of fond memories
Make me to lie down with a smile
Everything that rises, afterward falls
And all that dies, has first to live
As longing becomes love
As night turns to day
Everything changes
Joy will find a way"

You got 14 years of joy from her, and are now due many more years of joyous memories.

. said...

good wishes your way.