Thursday, May 31, 2007

purple goodness

I know it looks kind of blue but it's actually the most beautiful shade of purple.

It's Scribble Lace, using a recipe from Mason-Dixon Knitting. It's the simplest of patterns, knit on big needles.

The thin yarn (for those who care) is alpaca that I bought on a crazy trip to Stitches East (near Valley Forge, PA) in October 2002, while pregnant with D. I meant to make him a baby sweater but the years got away from me and it has now become a shawl and this scarf.

The thick yarn was created by the amazing Pocketina, of D.Y.I. not D.I.E.

My kids both clamoured to model for me (and to be on the blog).

I think S. looks quite dashing.

D. was keen but I couldn't get him to stand still.

It gives you some sense of how long the thing is, though. I made it long enough to be wrapped several times around the wearer's neck but it stretched like crazy when I washed and hung it to dry.

This lovely bit of purple-ness is destined to be a present for someone near and dear. I want to keep the thing for myself, I love it so much but I will make myself give it away.

I had better see her wear it.



amanda said...

I love this. It's gorgeous. Kudos!!

Sepha said...

That is *really* beautiful - the colours blend perfectly and I desperately want to reach through my computer screen and touch it because the texture looks so soft and swallow-you-up.
I was just thinking to myself that I was on a knitting-lull and that I didn't know what to start next and now you've inspired me - I've been meaning to check out the Mason-Dixon book for ages. (I wonder if I can buy that in the UK? Amazon will provide, I'm sure!!)
Ta for sharing!

kalen said...

how pretty :) i love the color... wish i could knit!

and the boys are adorable - you have an amazing family.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that color and texture is just lucious! You sure have a fine hand with your knitting. Both your boys are adorable, but that youngest just looks like he's full of "piss and vinegar"...adorable!
Blessings to you,
Comrade L

LR said...

It looks good enough to eat!

pocketina said...

You did an awesome job! I'm honored to have contributed a lil' fiber to it. :-)

Anonymous said...

D. is just playing with the scarf and he could use anything, a rubber hose, two dish towels tied together, etc. etc. but S. is a veritable King in that scarf; royal and handsome! You must get more yarn and do one for him.

What a piece of work! Not just a scarf but an aesthetic experience.

B in T