Saturday, May 19, 2007

am i being unreasonable?

I live on a busy intersection.

The Ottawa Senators just won their conference final and are going to the Stanley Cup.

I know this is a big deal.

Is it right that I am feeling really annoyed with the neighbours who are sitting on their front lawn with a sign that reads 'Go Sens Go!' and a big Senators flag and getting drivers to honk their horns while they yell?

I have closed all the windows.

But it is really annoying. And loud.

Am I lacking in civic pride?


Jacqueline said...

absolutely NOT. are they sitting on the lawn of a frat house? geez- there is nothing more annoying than sports enthusiasts who assume that everyone shares their spirit. civic pride? what about civil pride? oh, don't get me going on rude neighbors...

Flippy said...

No, it's silly what they're doing. They should put up a Sens flag and be done with it.


A bitter Leafs fan

laurie said...

As the evening wore on, they just got drunker and more numerous. Didn't go to late, though.

And we tried to be good humoured about it.

Flippy, I was thinking you might be the one to set me straight, being a hockey fan and all. Although, I should have realized that, being a Leafs fan, you'd be unimpressed with the whole Sens thing. My spouse is a bitter Leafs fan, too. I think that's what bugged him more than anything.

Shawn V said...

Laurie, join in, ride that red wave! Jump up and down, shout out loud - if you can't beat 'em, join em'! Cheering for the Sens might be good for you ;)

deb said...

ok, i have to say that I can appreciate not enjoying the ravings of drunken fans, horns honking especially in the early morning. But you're sounding a little like the ott.south homeowners I used to fight in university! From being out and about that day, not everyone was drunk or raving.

people tend to say the same thing about political rallies and marches that wind through the city, block traffic, etc.

noise is part of the beauty of living in the city.

(just consider it a prelude to Canada Day or Orientation!) :)

laurie said...

ohforgodsake. deb! You are being way too harsh my friend. I don't think that I said that all revellers were harsh and annoying - just that those yelling and getting cars to honk their horns outside my window for several uninterrupted hours were getting on my nerves.
I wouldn't live where I do if I minded noise.

deb said...

me, harsh??? i know. but I had to say it since no one else was really sticking up for hockey fans everywhere.

Flippy said...

Bah, there are hockey fans...and there's being a polite neighbor. I hate the Sens with every fiber of hockey hatred that is left over from my hatred & disappointment in Tie Domi; however, I understand being happy about making it to the finals. I still would've just stuck up a big Sens flag and a "YAY!" poster - I hate the sound of honking. By the way, I hate the Sens a tiny bit less since I found out that Leigh-Ann's toddler nephew was taking swimming lessons with Daniel Alfredsson's toddler kid. I didn't want it to, but it made him more a "dad" and less an "enemy". That said, I'm rooting for the Ducks! (and wishing next season would start already - the Leafs need a do-over)