Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the laws of domesticity

For the last couple of days, I have been consumed with cooking and cleaning.

This is very unlike me.

The enthusiasm will likely wear thin really soon because:

a) in my house, as soon as you turn your back on something you've cleaned, it is messy again and

b) the more I clean and attempt to organize the more overwhelmed I get by all the clutter, crap and random bits of things I do not recognize. It's as though, at some point, a giant came along and took all our stuff (and we have a lot of it) put it all in a bag, shook it up and then distributed it randomly all over the house.


I think my days as a domestic goddess are numbered.


Maria said...

Yes - cleaning often falls into the "why bother" category - that and laundry... and cooking - make a meal only to have the little beasts complain - they'd be happy w/pizza...

hang in there;)

pocketina said...

I had that a couple of weeks ago, but I got over it.
As much as I love to be a minimalist, and I adore minimalist decor & architecture, at heart I'm a maximalist, or chaos incarnate. (Can't decide which.)

But even I was hit by the springtime tidy-tidy bug. Lie down with a tall drink and it should pass.


Patchen said...

My mother always taught us that there was such a thing as a "fourth-dimensional fisherman" whose hobby was to cast a line into the third dimension, and pluck things out of the space-time stream. That's how pens and odd socks (and in my case laptop computers and cameras) disappeared.

If the fisherman wasn't interested in what he pulled out, he would toss it back, but it never landed where he found it. Thus, your house keys end up on the back of the upstairs toilet, and your pens all accumulate in the woodshed.

All of that to say, getting and staying organized is scientifically impossible.

laurie said...

Thank you all for making me laugh.