Friday, May 04, 2007

grossly stable

To paraphrase my ultrasound report, I still have extensive metastasis but my condition is "essentially grossly unchanged."

My other organs are "unremarkable."

There is no fluid buildup.

"IMPRESSION: Grossly stable liver disease."

Jeez, do you you think the radiologist could have qualified her opinions any more ("Please note that it is extremely diffficult to accurately compare between 2 ultrasound studies.")?

I'll take it, though.

My liver functions are pretty close to normal again, too.

So....still don't know what is causing the stitch but it's not bigger tumours eating my liver.

My doctor who works with my oncologist is going to order another CT scan (which can provide a more detailed analysis) but doesn't feel this needs to be done urgently. It will be ordered for a couple of months from now, as part of regular testing (and in lieu of my next ultrasound).

That reassured me as much as anything.

I am very relieved.

And about to pour myself a glass of red wine.

Thank you all so much for your comments, emails and other messages.

You are my support group.


dd said...

Yah for laurie! enjoy the wine.

Michael said...

You know, you could always come over and drink our wine.

laurie said...

I had a date with S. to watch Spiderman 2 tonight (in advance of seeing Spiderman 3 tomorrow) - but I will happily drink your red wine one evening in the near future (perhaps next week end after the big birthday play date?).

Flippy said...

That's great! You're grossly stable. ;) It's nice to get some good news. Oh, and today, I became a great aunt, and my parents became great-grandparents. Although, we'll never see baby (it's my half sister's daughter's daughter...and my half sister is terrible at keeping in touch, so we've all given up), she's one of the cutest newborns I've ever seen. Good news all around today.

Martha said...

Well that is great news in it's own qualified kiind of way! I savoured the moment.
I wrote about random acts of kindness today. It may cheer you up even more.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words - grossly stable. You are getting better ervery day in every way.


kalen said...


i kept saying, "why do they have to use the GROSSLY word..."


sounds much better.

sassymonkey said...

"Grossly stable"... sounds like a blog name. ;)

laurie said...

Oh, it does! And, now that you mention it, the title does fit my overall state of mind these days.

But I like Kalen's alternative. "Beautifully, magnificently and sexily stable." Works for me.

thejunkyswife said...

It's funny...generally "unremarkable" is such an unflattering word for an intelligent woman...but here, it's a real gift.

Anonymous said...

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