Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Laurie Kingston, 1967-2018

Laurie passed away peacefully at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario on Monday January 8th, 2018 at the age of 50 years. Loving partner of Tim Wayne. Beloved mother of Sacha Kingston-Wayne and Daniel Kingston-Wayne. Daughter of Diane Kingston and the late Bob Kingston of Hawkesbury, Ontario. Daughter-in-law of Susan Wayne, Jack Wayne and Susan Silva of Toronto, Ontario. Will be dearly missed by her sister Linda Kingston and her partner Ian (Ottawa); brother-in-law Andrew Wayne, his partner Brenda MacDonald, nieces Claire, Esme and nephew Noah (Guelph); brother-in-law Ian Wayne, his partner Dawn Lyons, nieces Zoe and Emma (Ottawa), sister-in-law Sarah Silva-Wayne (Toronto).

Laurie was born August 4, 1967 in Dalhousie, New Brunswick and raised in Hawkesbury, Ontario. She attended Pearson College and Trent University and worked at a number of advocacy organizations. She worked at the Public Service Alliance of Canada since 2002. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and liver metastasis in 2006. Throughout ongoing cancer treatments Laurie remained an avid reader, writer, knitter, coffee and tea drinker, cyclist, and a good friend to many. 

Laurie wrote regularly on her blog at Not Just About Cancer and maintained an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. She published a memoir of her cancer experiences titled "Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer".

In the last few days there have been a number of moving remembrances to Laurie published online. Here is a selection:

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A celebration of Laurie's life will be held March 3rd at 11:00 at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa.


Caroline said...

So sad. My condolences to you and your family..

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family at this extremely difficult time.

Anna said...

May her soul rest peace.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are definitely with you today. I attended the one support group meeting Laurie went too. I followed her blog faithfully until the posts became less frequent. Not having checked for several months, today March 3 I did. One of her concerns at the time of being diagnosed was that if she didn't beat the cancer her boys wouldn't remember her because they were so young. Laurie you certainly managed to over come and make life long memories for your children. They along with many others will not forget you.

ebg said...

Dear Tim,

I never met Laurie, but I followed her blog and exchanged a comment or two with her. She was a great writer who was inspirational in her honesty about life.

Just my very limited contact with her was enough to make her someone whose well-being I cared about, and whose family I thought of often. Her ferocious love for all of you was very evident in her writing.

My deepest condolences to you and your boys. I hope that all of you are surrounded by love and support.