Thursday, May 10, 2007

nine quick years

Nine years ago today, I was at home, exhausted and overwhelmed with joy.

My first born, S., makes me so proud to be his mother. He is smart, loving, funny and empathic. And he has a wicked sense of humour.

To be his mother is to constantly be surprised, challenged and to take great joy in watching him grow up.

And we do have fun.

Getting S. to smile in a picture is a challenge but I set out to meet this goal.

Posing him with his present, the complete Season Two of Doctor Who helped to elicit his trademark half-smile.

But what really got to him was when I imitated Pearl from the Landlord ("I want my money!").

I had to throw in a gratuitous shot of my boy and his dad. I love how much they look like each other.

But S. has his mother's eyes.


Jacqueline said...

happy day of birth to s!!!
"pearl" will do it EVERY TIME! (especially that scene)
(btw: has s showered yet? what is it now- eight months+? ;)

sigh. what an awesome crew you've got!

sassymonkey said...

Happy belated birthday to S!

pocketina said...

"I want my moneeeeeeeee!"

Your sons are devastatingly handsome.

You are one damn attractive family. May you all have the most wonderful time celebrating the b-day boy!

Flippy said...

Happy belated birthday, S dude. I hope he had a great day!

laurie said...

Will Farrell is my new boyfriend.

S. never really stopped bathing. He just likes to tell people that. He actually likes baths. I do, however, have to remind him to use soap.