Saturday, May 26, 2007

output and input

My neighbourhood has a giant garage sale every year at this time. This year, T. and S. decided that we should participate, something we have never done in the past.

T. wisely, decided that, in order to keep things manageable, we should focus on selling books. Despite my skepticism at the potential for success (we live on the edge of the neighbourhood, surrounded by neighbours who typically don't participate), I soon got into the spirit of things.

The process of culling our books was quite satisfying, although as I type this, I am looking at about 100 books that, although they have been boxed for years, we couldn't bear to sell.

We still managed to put together a respectable assortment, though.

I was impressed with the degree to which T. and S. seemed to be in their element, as they staffed our little table. They both seem to revel in the interactions with people as much of the selling of books.

They made almost fifty dollars, too.

And I am pleased to say that T. resisted selling our backyard table, despite receiving several offers.

S. spent his share on a couple of books that neighbours were selling, along with a Godzilla video and a Good Charlotte cd.

Partway through the morning, D. and I went to check out what our neighbours were selling. People kept giving him stuff. We only went one block and he came back with more than he could carry.

I hope he uses his charisma to do good in the world and not to fleece little old ladies out of their life savings.


Chris said...

Hey Laurie...spoke to Dawn the other day and just wanted you to know that Caitlin and I are following along with you here. Much love to you guys.

sassymonkey said...

I'm too scared to go to yard sales right now. If I go I'll just find something I have to pack!