Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i read a book today

Reading is good. I highly recommend it. See the list of books on the right of this page? I have been logging the books I read at LibraryThing. I have only been entering the books I read this year.

And I haven't included the books I haven't been able to finish (including one I dropped after 350 pages because it was depressing the hell out of me).

This totally satisfies my compulsive list-making tendencies.

I also I had an echocardiogram today.

I'll write about that tomorrow.


Martha Mihaly said...

Compulsive list making is a sign of a good person (I write that on the top of all my lists!).

Anonymous said...

Don't know why I need to learn the name of the book you dropped after 350 pages, although you've offered fifty books you enjoyed and recommend. Strange, eh? Please add to your list:The History of Love by
Nicole Krauss. A very thoughtful and moving book written by a 28 year old baby.!!!

Happy to read your words, look at your list and understand it's shortly after a chemo and you're well enough to communicate! Cheers!

B in T

laurie said...

B - you're not going to like this. It was "What Came Before He Shot Her." Well written, engrossing but just too hard.

Anonymous said...

Exactemente! I also found it too much to take but since the book underscored all my beliefs held for years, I went to the excrutiating end.

Lots of love,

B in T