Tuesday, May 22, 2007

much better

Decided to jettison all activities that did not nourish the soul today.

And to eat some chocolate.

I'm feeling much, much better.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate will do it every time. Hope you keep ap the supply.


Maria said...

I had a strong desire to comment yesterday but had no idea what to say. You seemed so sad and well - I'm a stranger who finds your writing fascinating. Chocolate (or wine;) cures all and I glad you're feeling better.

Jacqueline said...

GO chocolate! GO chocolate!
hands in the air
like we just don't care!!!...

pocketina said...

We should have a chocolate swap, to facilitate cocoa-happiness in both our countries. What's your favorite?
Mine's one of the rainforest bars, the dark chocolate espresso, but I'll have to stop eating that, for the sake of my silly little heart.

laurie said...

I like the Cocoa Camino dark and the dark orange. Mmmmmm. Oh and the mint.;-)
Too dad there is no decaf chocolate out there...do you like white chocolate, P'tina?
These comments are all lovely and touching (and Jacqueline - you made me laugh out loud).

Flippy said...

Bah, white chocolate is wax, not chocolate. ;) Although, for some odd reason, I love those Hershey's white chocolate kisses w/ candy cane bits that are out during the holidays. LOVE them.

Right now, I'm eating my very favorite new chocolate find: Ghirardelli Citrus Sunset (60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Orange Bits and Almond Crunch). It's so good. In general, I like my chocolate (and my ice-cream too) to have texture, so having both orange bits and almond crunch bits makes it awesome. Plus, I love dark chocolate.

I'm always trying to stay away from caffeine (unless I'm using it as medicine to get rid of a headache) because it makes the fibromyalgia (and my stupid bladder problem) worse, but I haven't noticed chocolate affecting me at all. Caffeinated coffee kills me. It's worse than caffeinated Pepsi, and it doesn't even matter if I have the exact same amount of caffeine. I guess the acidity on top of the caffeine is maybe what makes it worse. pocketina, does the caffeine in chocolate really make a big difference in your health?

I used to be so "I'm NOT going to give up such & such food, even if I feel better without it", but now that I feel like such crap, I think I'm willing to give up just about anything to feel like I did even a couple of years ago. Maybe even sushi or [gasp!] pizza...or [horrors!] chocolate. I'd whine like hell about though, but then, how would that be any different. Ha!

Anyway, Laurie, I'm glad the chocolate helped - when I have an appetite, it almost always does help.

(Ah, don't you love my late night rambles - it's lucky that people don't charge me per character for commenting in their blogs)