Tuesday, May 08, 2007

a song by d.

"I love my Mama
And she is so beautiful.
But she doesn't read me comic books
She reads me books.

I love my Papa, too.
And he reads me comic books
And he reads me books."


Jacqueline said...

oh, that d. if i decided to have children i'd order up a d. yep. one just like him.

laurie said...

When he's good he is very good. When he's bad he's....a handful. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is how Marvin Hamlisch started.

Who can read comic books aloud? It's impossible! The nervous system bucks and rebels; the tongue hides, the throat closes. But books, ah, the sounds bound forward, as Nabakov so aptly said: "trippingly on the tongue, LO LI TA"

Hope, by now, you're feeling more comfortable, dear L.

The B in T

thejunkyswife said...