Friday, June 08, 2007

what if?

The story on last night's news about vitamin D really threw me for a loop. I felt quite sick, actually.

Of course, I know that prevention isn't that simple but I can't help asking, "What if?"


Sepha said...

I read these sorts of things and desperately hope they're not true. So depressing.

Another cancer person said...

Probabilities are different from clinical outcomes. Our own cancers may not have been affected by vitamin D. Meanwhile, it would be great if other cases can be prevented by vitamins or even stewed chicken feet. Let's root for these other guys.

Flippy said...

I don't know, I would have to think that you were really at high risk for Vitamin D deficiency, being that you weren't post-menopausal, aren't dark-skinned, etc. But, it doesn't hurt to start taking it now to help fight it off. Hmm, I guess my being a hermit these days isn't good, although living in Las Vegas probably means that Vitamin D is easily attainable even just by walking outside and getting the newspaper. Plus, I'm almost ghostly white in my natural state, so I probably absorb every tiny bit. Of course, getting my Vitamin D probably then puts me at risk for skin cancer. Can't win.

Hey, how are you feeling these days?

thejunkyswife said...

It's really sad how these things can make us feel...these seemingly missed opportunities to fix or control the things that are happening to us. I think especially for folks who are smart and accustomed to getting things done through a combination of will, intellect, and hard work, feeling a little out of control of (our lives/our bodies/the state of the world) can be really frustrating.

laurie said...

I love the people who comment on my blog. You are all so supportive and insightful.