Wednesday, June 20, 2007

of neutrophils and liver functions

I had chemo and Herceptin yesterday. I always drag my ass to the first treatment after my week off. It's especially hard to go into treatment, when I've had a few days to feel like myself.

My head is still fuzzy from the Demerol I take to mitigate the side effects from the Herceptin but, all in all, I could be feeling worse.

I had bloodwork done yesterday, as I always do before chemo. I have become obsessed with the results.

Yesterday's results were interesting.

My neutrophils (the white blood cells that fight in fection) were very low. They were so low, in fact, that if they had been any lower, chemo would have been cancelled (this also helps explain why I have been feeling so tired). The trick over the next week will be to remember my Neupogen injections (all five of them), to wash my hands (and my kids' hands) a lot and to stay away from sick people.

Additionally (and more importantly), all my liver functions were well within the range of normal, for the first time in many months.

I am very pleased about this. I choose to believe that this is a sign that my upcoming CT scan (scheduled for next week) will bring good news as well.

Perhaps, even news of shrinking tumours?

Of course, another report that all is 'stable' would be good. But I'm in the mood to indulge in a little wild optimism.


sassymonkey said...

Thinking shrinking thoughts for you.

Kim said...

Laurie, I'll be praying for the best news possible and then we'll see what God's plan is.
Praying for you always!

thejunkyswife said...

Thinking shrinking, too, my friend...and congratulations on that normal liver!

Martha Mihaly said...

Just keep thinking about the boys and the good news. You'll get through the rest.

Anonymous said...

Shrinking tumours. That's the nicest thing anybody's said in a looong time. Shrinky, dinky, tumours. Shrinking nubs of tumours; coupled with the hale and hearty liver function. Up with the latter; down with the former.

Nice images for a nice (and cute) young blonde woman!!

B in T