Saturday, June 30, 2007

yarn diet

I am obsessed with knitted cotton miters.

I have made twelve.

I am avoiding figuring out how many more I need to make. And to sew up.

The yarn has been discontinued (that is why I got it for such a great price), as I found out today when I went to buy more. I could order more of a reasonable substitute (at the risk of boring you, I used Butterfly 3 Aran weight, which is exactly the same as Tahki Cotton Classic II, except that the Cotton Classic II is much more expensive) but instead bought more of the same colours at the closeout sale price.

I will be using nine colours in total (I had planned to use lots more).

But I am happy.

And I have decided to go on a yarn diet. No new purchases for six months (that would be until December 30, or for the rest of 2007). Any new projects need to use yarn from my stash.

Putting it in writing means you'll hold me to it, OK?


thejunkyswife said...

You should sell your stuff on Etsy! I keep trying to come up with something I could sell on Etsy...I should have saved all the syringes that I kept finding stashed EVERYWHERE in my house and made something from those...little voodoo dolls with real heroin-addict syringes sticking out of their heart! They probably would have sold like hotcakes!

pocketina said...

I'll still send you yarn, so no sending it back, ok? Yarn dieting is not for pocketina yarn!