Tuesday, June 12, 2007

blondes get more done?

Sorry for the long silence.

I'm fine. The heat has been slowing me down, though, and, as usual, I have over-committed myself, during this, my week "off" from chemo.

This week includes visits to the dentist (got a mouth guard to stop me from grinding my teeth. It is as attractive as you'd expect, with the added advantage of triggering my gag reflex), passport office (only two hours to be processed and two weeks for it to arrive. I'd been steeling myself for much, much worse), optometrist (my eyes are getting older, and weaker and my astigmatism is worse. New glasses, or at least new lenses, are on the horizon), medical oncologist (routine appointment), vet, physiotherapist, naturopath and my younger son's new day care (he starts school in the fall and is moving to a day care in his new school).

We are also getting estimates for a new air conditioning unit (which has died) and furnace (which will soon).

Oh, and the washing machine broke last week and tomorrow is the earliest we could get a service person in to take a look (and hopefully fix it).

Some of my 'commitments' have been very pleasurable.

We had a long-awaited visit from some lovely friends on the week end. I love them so much and wish their visit had been longer.

Sunday, I had the inaugural meeting of a new book club.

Last night I attended a knitting workshop (very cool. For those who care, I learned how to replace double pointed needles with a circular one, using a 'magic loop.' I was embarrassingly excited).

Tomorrow I am having lunch with a dear friend who I don't think I have seen since the recurrence, due to some ridiculous scheduling conflicts (when my spouse told me that the washing machine service person was coming tomorrow, he unhesitatingly offered to cover me off if this visit conflicts with my lunch with G. T. knows how many times the unexpected has caused us to cancel).

I am also having dinner tomorrow with a group of women with whom have much in common. We are all smart, strong trade unionists. We have all had breast cancer. And we all used to work in the same building (this is the subject of a long-postponed post that I really should crank out soon). We are planning a joint writing project.

Friday, I am taking my older son to the opening day of Fantastic Four.

Finally, I became a blonde today (before you email me about this, I know all about the risks involved in putting chemicals on my head. I chose to get highlights. They used a cap. My naturopath said it was OK. And I needed the lift). No pics, because I broke our camera (the lens is irrevocably damaged from getting wedged between the couch cushions). (And do you think any of the boys I live with even noticed the change? Ha! I really need to see my girlfriends).

I have exhausted myself just typing this.

Much of this was or will be fun. What isn't/wasn't fun is necessary (or needed to happen sooner or later).

And there is still so much more that needs to be done.

And so much more I want to do.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

And did I mention that it's really stinking hot here? And humid?


sassymonkey said...

Just reading that made me want to take a 4 hour nap.

Anonymous said...

Talk about living a chock-filled life...I'm with sassymonkey...overwhelmed with everything you're doing, accomplishing, and enjoying. You've spurred me on, going to make the next few weeks more expansive ones instead of trying to get out of meetings, occasions, evenings with others. Yeah, that's it, you describe an expansive life, not a lot of self-protection and a whole bunch of joy!!!

The B in T

Jacqueline said...

yowza-wowza!!! i'm feelin' pretty lazy 'bout now. i'm thrilled that you're able to keep up with all of that. and good times with good friends... here's to more of that! cheers!

Flippy said...

Phew, now I'm extra exhausted. Sounds like more good fun things, than annoying fix-it things. I'm sad about your camera, because I wanted to see the highlights. I'm also sad because I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday, and my highlights will have finally grown completely out and I can't afford to get them again yet. Maybe I'll be wild and try something at home. If I screw it up, then I'll pay our very nice stylist to fix it. We love her, but she's not cheap, although she gives us all kinds of deals. Anyway, there's no chance of a picture of the highlights? :(

Was knitting hard to learn? My mom used to crochet when I was a kid. She taught me how to do a simple stitch - I think I made myself a bookmark. But, I probably forgot how to do it in less than a week.

jeanne said...

When it comes to knitting socks, I'm a die-hard double points girl, but congratulations on learning the Magic Loop! Working on a sock may save your sanity while waiting for all those service guys... ;D

thejunkyswife said...

Why does everything in the house break at once? Usually, all our appliances quit working around the same time as my husband...

laurie said...

Re knitting - I learned the basics when I was a kid. I am not a very skilled knitter (which is why the magic loop made me feel so clever) but I do like playing with colour and have begun to experiment a bit.

pocketina said...

I'm not gonna give you crap about the hair-coloring, but I demand to see the results! Pics please! :-)