Thursday, June 14, 2007


I had back to back appointments with my physiotherapist (lymphedema has spread to my abdomen. Blech) and my naturopath today.

Then I went for a long walk with my young son via the library:

"Mama? Can I watch Chicken Little when I get home ?" (we got it from the library)

"It will be time for dinner when we get home. You can watch part of it after dinner."

Repeat 764 times. It took forever to get home because I had to keep stopping so I could hear what he was asking (see above).

He does have this new thing he does, that cracks me up.

If he wants to get a person's attention but he doesn't know their name, he addresses them as follows:

"Kid, why are you walking in the street?"

"Man, can I have some apple juice?"

"Guys, can I join your hockey game?"

OK. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

At any rate, I let D. watch the whole damn movie, even though it kept him up way past his bed time.

I was just too tired to move.


Jacqueline said...

i have no children. in the mean time i live vicariously through cool moms/funny kids like you/yours. i'll be back soon to see how the/my family is doing soon...

pocketina said...

oh, that effing lymphedema!so sorry to hear it.

sorry I'm just now getting caught up on your lovely blog: it was a hectic couple of weeks in my neck of the woods.