Friday, January 17, 2014

of high tech and low humour

I just learned that my most recent brain MRI is clear. I'm feeling greatly relieved. It's not that I have any symptoms (although who doesn't get headaches?) but the long wait for results (10 days, when it usually takes less than a week) had me worried.

And then there's the fact that Herceptin doesn't cross the brain blood barrier. 

But for now, all is well and I can worry a little less for another three months.

The nurse did ask me if I have had a sinus infection. She said they mentioned it in the MRI report. That's some pretty high tech diagnostics.

Also, Tim wants me to make sure and include his joke: "They scanned your brain and they didn't find anything."


Sue B said...

here's to a clear scan and a bad joke :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Lene Andersen said...


PS really liked Tim's joke ;)

Jim's Girl said...

Great news! Old joke. I also like reading on my CTs that my heart is unremarkable.

~Kate, of Kate Has Cancer

laurie said...

Ha! Kate, I think you have a pretty remarkable heart. He makes that joke every single time I have a brain MRI.

tccomments2013 said...

dear laurie,

how awful to have had to wait for so long for the results of your scan. but I am so happy it came back clear!!! and I love the title of this post - "of high tech and low humour".

much love and light,

Karen xoxo

Anonymous said...

How Sweet It Is, Laurie. This is terrific news for us Southerners.

B in T (also known as B in S)

laurie said...

Thanks all! I do feel about a 1000 times lighter. I try not to work myself into knots about these tests but it's getting harder with every clear month. The irony is not lost on me. Thanks for all your lovely comments.