Saturday, December 01, 2012


Best news:
Clean margins. Clean MRI. Home to heal better.

Extremely tired and drugged but pain meds managing.

It was cancer. Very like original adenocarcinoma from 2006 (i.e it's breast cancer in my brain). Full pathology in a couple of weeks. 

Next treatment will be one dose of cyber knife radiation in a couple of weeks.

I have herceptin mid-December, not sure if anything will change on that front.

Writing is very hard but I am doing well.

More on whole experience soon.

Thanks to you all so much.


Facing Cancer Together said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. ~Catherine

Sweet Camden Lass said...

So glad you're home safe. And Em would be too.


laurie said...

Oh, SCl, you made me cry. Thanks to you both. xo

Anonymous said...

Yippie for clean margins!! Glad they wiped your brain free of it! ;)

Rest and take your time and then when you're ready, jump back on and wave a lot!


Debknits said...
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Lene said...

yay! Love good news!

Finished your book late Sunday night. The phrase "defying expectations" has stuck in my mind. So glad you're continuing to do so.

deb said...

So glad you are home. Keeping you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery and for this to be the end of the beast for you.

janice said...

Glad to hear you are home with clean margins. Isn't that good news about it being the original cancer? I remember our neighbor kid got a brain tumour from leukemia, and it was a relieve that it was not a new cancer.

I bought your ebook, and have not had time to read it yet. Soon.

zoom said...

Hey Laurie, I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and wishing the very best of everything for you.

laurie said...

it would be astounding if it were not cancer or a different kind. you're right. this is a good middle ground - best news is clean margins and clean MRI! and thanks to you all for thinking of me, writing to me and buying my book!

Nancy's Point said...


So glad you are home resting and healing well. It must be so frightening to deal with this. Write when you can. Thanks for keeping us posted on things. My very best to you, Laurie. Hugs.

Blondie said...


JuliaR said...

You are amazing. We are all so proud of how you are handling everything.