Monday, October 03, 2011

no pink for profit runs/walks for the cure v2.0

The miraculous photo in which we all have our eyes open! photo: I. Hendel

There was some incredible coverage in the Ottawa Citizen this year. All the articles listed below were also in the Saturday print version of the paper (for my American friends: the Saturday papers have the highest circulation, as yours do on Sunday):

The Citizen also posted a short video to their web site:

Thanks so much to all the team members (including those who who were not able to attend the walk/run) and to everyone who donated. Special thanks to Andrea (who is the real woman wearing the pinnie in the Citizen photos) for holding my hand through the surreal filming of the video and to our honorary team members, Tim (picked up the team kits and t-shirts) Ian (took photos and custody of our stuff while we walked and Lee (stepped up with kid distraction when it was very much needed).

May we all be healthy and able to do it next year. And may there soon come a time when the Run for the Cure is a thing of the past.

"I'm running for...Deanna, Susan, Judy (and me). 
In memory of Sarah and Rebecca." 
photo: A. Ross


Sassymonkey said...

Lee if very good at kid distraction. Though, my apologies if your kid now requests that everything come with bacon.

Miss Vicky said...

Thanks for the inspiration and incentive! I had a great run (and a half, since I missed the family at the appointed meeting spot). Now my legs hurt!

Eileen said...

Great info, thanks for posting it!! (loved your interview, too...)

Nancy said...

Great video. Nice to see and hear you.