Thursday, May 26, 2011

generation gap

On Tuesday, as I waited at the Heart Institute for my regular echocardiogram, I had the following brief conversation with the older gentleman sitting beside me.

Me: Is that a Playbook?

Him: I don't play! This is an ipad!

Me: Oh. I was just curious about the Blackberry version of the tablet.

Him  (scornfully): Do you have a Blackberry?

Me: I do.

I didn't bother explaining that I don't find touch screens to be intuitive and that I prefer an actual keyboard for sending emails and texting. Instead, I pulled out my knitting, thus eradicating all doubt that I was the Luddite in our conversation.


Eileen said...

If I were to get an iPad, I would also have to get the keyboard attachment. I guess I'm even more of a Luddite than your good self - I spin, knit, and don't have a clue what a Playbook is.

(but I'm techno enough that I'm about to go Google it...)

Unknown said...

What she said! ;)

laurie said...

(Bberry version of the ipad).

MamaBunny said...

Do you know the old Phil Hartman SNL skit, "the caveman lawyer"? When I get annoyed with the latest techno whatnot, my husband teases me with a Phil-as-caveman statement, like, "I do not understand this little pad, with its sounds and pictures" LOL Just the other day, I needed to use his iPod Touch to make a phone call, and I was like, "How do you use this stupid thing?!"


laurie said...

OMG Jean. That is too funny. I remember that skit so well. Thanks for the laugh!