Thursday, December 03, 2009

hello again

I'm back.

All is well here, I just used up all my writing mojo in November writing a novel (more on that experience in a future post).

Then I took a few days off to hang out with a wonderful friend and, well not write for a few days,

And while I was gone from the blog November 24th (the anniversary of my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer) and December 2nd (the anniversary of the night I found the first lump) came and went. I noted both events in passing, took the time to breathe deeply and be grateful, and then got on with my day.

It's been four years since I found the lump. It's been three since the cancer spread to my liver. And it's been two and a half years since my first clean scan.

I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday. I had nothing to tell him. He said, "Shall we keep dragging you in here every few months just to say 'hi'?"

I readily agreed.

I have chemo next week. They've been building a new treatment centre for what seems like years. I have often jokingly pointed in the direction of the new building and said, "They're building that for me."

Yesterday, I discovered that the new building is open and the chemo room has been moved. No more listening to the sounds of construction during treatment. No more listening to the intimate details of the constitutional issues of the patient beside me. There will be a little more light and a little more room and hopefully, a little less noise.

I'm kind of excited.

And yes, that is somewhat ironic. I have lived long enough to be excited about getting chemo in the new building.


Nat said...

When I worked at TOH I know a lot of people worked really hard to make that centre happen. Nice to know someone is looking forward to the new digs...

Dee said...

Welcome back! Congrats on writing the novel, too! And, congrats on your anniversaries (well, I think you know what I mean - not the fact that you were diagnosed, but that you're still here to tell the tale)!

Rebecca said...

LOL, Laurie, Dana Farber has been constructing a new building since I started my treatment back in 2007. They are scheduled to be done in 2010 and I'll get to have chemo in the new place. I hope it's quiet too. I'm always surprised how much I want to nap during my infusions.

laurie said...

I always do nap, Rebecca. I get Demerol and Gravol (Dramamine) to prevent a reaction to the Herceptin. I can pass out even in the middle of chaos and frenzy. It will be nice to be away from that a bit, though.

Dee - so nic to hear from you.

Nat- I didn't know you'd worked there. I am looking forward to the new digs. If you see your former co-workers, tell them I said 'thanks.'

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Here's to the new building and an absolute cancer-fighting empire on the grounds of the hospital...decades of construction, healing, brilliant cures and significant environmental and life-style oriented prevention, with you keeping track of it all and writing about it too.

Congratulations on the novel; is there a murder involved??:)


B in F

Unknown said...

Your entries are so honest and heartfelt Laurie--great stuff! Would you be willing to give a shout-out to LBBC in a future blog entry? Our blog URL is and we're currently in the process of spreading the word about our national conference for young women (to be held in Atlanta in Feb.) Your support is much appreciated!

laurie said...

MZ - shout out complete. See today's post.

and B - no murders. Lots of dogs. And a house burns down.

Mom2Amara said...

Hooray for new buildings. Hooray for living long enough to see it.